Are you seeking a scar-free and effective alternative to liquid nitrogen and surgical removal of skin cancers?

With similar cure rates to traditional treatments, PDT can offer significantly better cosmetic outcomes.

Suitable for

  • Actinic Keratosis
  • Basal Carcinoma
  • Bowens lesion

What is Photodynamic therapy (PDT)?

Photodynamic therapy (PDT) is a new medical treatment that can help fight certain skin cancers and precancerous conditions.

It is a minimally invasive and precise approach that uses special light to target and destroy diseased cells without harming nearby healthy tissue. This reduces the risk of side effects, speeds up recovery, and makes it an attractive option for patients.

PDT can be used multiple times for progressive diseases, and it has the potential to change the way we approach medical treatments.

Treating Skin Cancers

Actinic Keratosis is usually red and scaly and occurs most commonly on the face, the head (in balding men) and the forearms and hands.

Initially they come and go but finally they are there all the time. If left untreated 40% those lesions turn into skin cancer per year, hence the importance of early treatment.

A BCC or Bowens lesion is already skin cancer. BCCs occur most commonly on the face and back while Bowens are usually found on the arms and legs.

* Results may vary. This treatment is performed by an expert Dermatologist.

  1. Application of ALA (Levulanic acid) cream
  2. Absorption of the cream by the skin.
  3. Activation of the cream by visible red light.
  4. Production of oxygen radicals.
  • Red, swollen skin (like sunburn) for 24 hours, with possible crusting and oozing in the case of deep lesions.
  • Saltwater irrigation and cleansing.
  • Regular application of moisturiser and antibacterial cream if required.
  • Ice pack application for pain relief (oral painkillers may also be required for pain management following treatment for severe sun exposure).
  • Over 1 – 2 weeks, the skin will the peel off (like a sunburn) and heal completely. Although it will be very unsightly for those 1 – 2 weeks the end results are always good.
  • The reddening – which is seen after the healing – can also take from 6 weeks to several months to disappear, depending on the patient.
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Please note that these treatments require a referral from a Dermatologist and we can assist you with a referral.

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